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5 Questions to Ask When Comparing Storm Damage Repair Companies

Here’s How to Make Sure You’re Hiring a Storm Repair Expert

Vetting storm damage repair companies can be tricky. While the roofing industry has improved a great deal in recent years, the days immediately following major storms can still bring storm-chasing roofers to your area who will offer repairs at cut-rate process—then leave you with cut-quality repairs as a result.

Before hiring any company to complete a storm damage repair on your home, it’s important to know what questions to ask. At Action Roofing & Construction, we feel that asking the right questions will not just help you vet out the most honest and aboveboard roofing companies, but also ensure you get excellent value from a contractor you can rely on. As Central Texas storm restoration experts, here are 5 key questions we recommend asking any potential storm damage repair companies you talk to.

Can You Provide Credentials?

While certain credentials aren’t always required in Texas, an excellent way to begin vetting storm damage repair companies is to ask to see any credentials they may hold. In particular, a roofing license and insurance will be important to see. Insurance protects not just the roofer, but you as the homeowner. Working with uninsured contractors puts you at risk for liability in the event that accidents or injuries occur on your property, so it’s best to avoid this situation.

Are You Based Locally?

Local roofing companies provide a number of advantages over out-of-town contractors. For one, they’re much more able to provide quick response times, which is crucial when you have a roofing emergency. Local roofers also have deeper knowledge of your area’s building codes, regulations, and the unique roofing challenges that must be accounted for. 

Finally, local roofers have greater accountability. They depend on their reputation, as local roofing companies are staffed by people who live within your community. If the work they do on your roof turns out poorly, you know exactly where to find them—unlike storm chasing roofers who are nowhere to be found.

Can You Provide References from Similar Projects?

When speaking with storm damage repair companies, it’s a good idea to ask for examples of their past work. Any company can talk themselves up and make claims about their craftsmanship, service, and quality. However, if they can readily provide references from satisfied customers, this goes a long way in truly highlighting the quality of the work they do.

Do You Have Expertise Outside of Roofing?

While storm damage repair is often looked at as a service offered by roofing companies, the truth is that storm damage is rarely isolated to just your roof. If your roof has been damaged by wind, hail, or other forces of nature, chances are your siding, deck, gutters, windows, and other portions of your home’s exterior have not gone unscathed.

In this situation, it can be very helpful to work with a single contractor that has expertise not just in roofing, but in full home exterior repair and restoration. This saves you from hiring two, three, or even more contractors at once—it’s hard enough to vet a single company!

Do You Have Experience with the Insurance Claims Process?

In many cases, the difference between a successful insurance claim and a denied claim is the damage your insurance adjuster is able to identify. When you partner with an experienced storm damage repair contractor, they’ll be able to fully inspect your property and even walk through the damage with your adjuster to ensure nothing is missed. This means companies with expertise in navigating the insurance claims process should be at the top of your list for completing a storm damage repair. 

We Set the Standard for Storm Damage Repair Companies in Texas!

At Action Roofing & Construction, helping homeowners resolve storm damage is one of our specialties. We have years of roofing experience, but our company got its start in the construction industry—meaning our team has the skills to restore your entire property following a storm, not just your roof.

In addition, we’re known for our willingness to fight for our customers. We can provide countless examples of customers whose previously denied insurance claims later went through after working with our expert contractors. If you have storm damage, Action Roofing is your trusted partner for fully repairing your home and roof! Contact us today to get started with an inspection.

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