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Is Your New Roof Under Warranty?

At Action Roofing & Construction, Inc., we provide a 5-year limited workmanship warranty covering new roof projects we complete for our customers here in Central Texas. This workmanship warranty gives our customers peace of mind, knowing that the skilled roofers at Action Roofing stand behind our work confidently.

If your roof is covered by our workmanship warranty and problems have arisen since your new roof was installed, you can submit a request for a warranty repair below.

Warranty Request

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What Does Our New Roof Warranty Cover?

Our workmanship warranty is intended to cover any potential errors or mishaps that occurred during installation of your new roof. If a roof we install doesn’t meet our high standards, we want to do everything in our power to correct the problem.
From the date of completion of your roofing project, if your roof should start to leak due to a defect in the original workmanship, we will arrange to have the defective area(s) repaired, free of charge. This workmanship warranty will apply to your newly installed roof for the next five years, the period of time where installation errors will most likely come to light.
Should the products used for your roof fail, we will instead arrange to have a manufacturer’s representative contact you so that you may file a claim under the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty. We will continue to offer assistance during the entire service life of your roof.

What Damage Isn’t Covered By Our Warranty?

While our workmanship warranty is one of the best in the industry, it does not cover forms of damage that fall outside of our team’s control. Limitations to our warranty include:

  1. Exceptions for damage to roofing or any products due to causes beyond normal use and service but not limited to:
    1. Acts of God, such as hail storms, or storms of unusual intensity.
    2. Wind velocities greater than 54 miles per hour (Beufort scale no. 9).
    3. Traffic on roof or impact of falling objects.
  2. Exceptions for damage caused by inadequate ventilation of the attic area.
  3. Exceptions for damage caused by alterations made after completion if not authorized in writing by an authorized representative of our company.
  4. Exceptions for damage caused by settlement of building, buckling, or cracking of roor deck, walls, or foundations.
  5. Any cost incurred for repair or replacement not authorized in writing by our representative.
  6. This warranty will be in effect upon payment in full of contract and is non-transferrable.
  7. This warranty covers the cost of repairs to the product installed by us only; exclusive of building damage and/or damage to interior contents or occupant. It is limited to the initial cost of the roofing contract reduced by 10% for each year starting from the date of completion.
  8. Claims pursuant to this warranty must be submitted within sixty (60) days of discovery of any claimed defect and shall include a complete detailed description of the claimed defect. We shall, within reasonable time, investigate the claim and perform its obligations hereunder.
  9. This warranty cannot be changed or modified once issued and is not valid unless signed by an authorized representative of our company.

Service Charge
If it’s determined that roof damage was not a result of our workmanship, there will be a service charge incurred of $125.00 plus $35.00 per hour for travel time to and from the address of the repair.

How Do I Know If Damage Is Covered?

Sometimes, issues emerge that seem to be caused by roof damage but actually stem from other causes. One common example is water damage. While this can be a result of faulty roof installation, water damage can be caused by a multitude of other potential sources, such as a plumbing leak or issues with your HVAC system. A telltale sign of water damage not caused by a roofing issue is if a leak is actively dripping when it isn’t raining outside.
If you’re unsure if your leak or other roof damage is due to an installation issue, we’re available to help! Feel free to reach out to Action Roofing using our general contact form linked here before submitting your warranty repair request.

Our Core Values


Roofs in Central Texas have a tough task when it comes to protecting homes and businesses in the area. To stand up against the worst Texas storms and weather, these roofs must perform at a high level for years to come. At Action Roofing, we settle for nothing less than peak performance with every roofing project we complete, ensuring every portion of the roofing system works together to protect your property.


At Action Roofing our standards are high. In Central Texas, our team is known for their exceptional service and craftsmanship. We have a highly trained crew that works hard to ensure every customer is satisfied. Our precision, attention to detail and years of experience make us the go-to roofers in the area.


We ensure that clients are treated with a “personal touch” that comes from our team. The Action Roofing team takes pride in everything we do, whether it is an average repair or a full roof replacement. Our business was built on providing quality service to the local Texas community. When people ask why they should choose Action Roofing over the competition, we tell them “When you partner with us, you’re family.” 

We understand the value of family and what it means to protect what matters most.
If you’re in need of a repair or replacement, we encourage you to get in touch with our team. We’ve built a reputation for reliable roofing service in Central Texas, but
don’t just take our word for it. Contact us today to learn more about all that our team has to offer! 

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