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Hiring roofing contractors may seem like a daunting task, but not with the help of our team at Action Roofing & Construction. Whether you’re planning a roof upgrade or in need of an emergency repair, our goal is to provide industry-leading service. We are a local, family-owned roofing company right out of Georgetown, TX with a team of professionals who love what we do.

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At Action Roofing, we are proud to be the most trusted roofing contractors in Georgetown, TX. We service all of Central Texas and provide the personal touch of a local roofing company with the decades of experience required to be the very best roofing team. We have installed and repaired thousands of residential roofing systems throughout Williamson County, and we’re just getting started.

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Commercial Roofing projects require an experienced roofer who knows when it’s time to repair, restore, or replace. At Action Roofing, we have the experience and expertise you’re looking for in a commercial roofing contractor. Our highly trained team of professionals has experience on buildings of all sizes and specs. You can expect individualized recommendations, strategic planning, and ongoing support when you work with our team. While we know it can be difficult to find the right fit for your project, know that we are a commercial roofing company you can trust.

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Here in Georgetown, TX and throughout Central Texas, we are no stranger to severe weather and the subsequent damage left behind. If your residential, commercial or multi-family property has been damaged by a storm event, Action Roofing & Construction is the company to call. Because we are a construction company as well as a roofing company, we can be your ONE contractor that takes care of all damage to your home. From roof hail damage to gutter repair and even paint (interior and exterior) we’re your one stop shop for storm damage repairs. Our team has been serving North Austin, Georgetown, and all of Central Texas since 2005, and will be here for many decades to come.

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Take a look at some of our roof replacements throughout Central Texas. From Hutto and Killeen to Georgetown and Austin, Texas we take pride in the quality of our craftsmanship. 

Curious what a specific shingle may look like on your home? We share the shingle used on each house so you can get an idea of what it may look like on your home.

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Taylor was very professional and answered any and all my questions . He meet with the insurance agent and myself to determine my needs. If we have damage again they will surely get my business.”

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We understand that hiring a roofing company can be a tough decision. If you’re looking for a trusted local roofing company with an unmatched reputation, look no further than Action Roofing & Construction. As a family-owned and operated roofing company, we aim to be the best in the business today, and for generations to come.

We’re building a business we’ll be proud to share with our families for generations to come.

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We are a local, family-owned business who has built trusting relationships in the Georgetown community and surrounding areas. Our team of experts have installed and repaired thousands of residential and commercial roofing systems.

As proud members of the community, we stand behind our work and are committed to delivering unmatched customer service. In fact, the name Action Roofing is synonymous with exceptional service and craftsmanship throughout Central Texas. Learn more about our team!

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Action Roofing FAQs

A roof replacement is an important decision and should be considered if any of the following signs appear: age, visible wear and tear, or a leaking roof. The rule of thumb is that if your roof has been in place for more than 20 years, it is likely time to consider replacing it. In addition, if you notice any exposed nails or cracked shingles on your roof’s surface, these could be signs that the materials are deteriorating faster than expected which could lead to water damage. Additionally, standing water on your roof can cause mold growth beneath the shingles. This can rob your home of energy efficiency and even weaken its structural integrity if not addressed quickly enough. Finally, loftier heating bills during winter months indicate that insulation within the attic is no longer capable of adequately protecting against cold drafts coming in through aging roofs.

Hiring a local roofing company offers a variety of benefits over hiring a national company, and when deciding which option is best for your needs it’s important to take all these factors into account.

First and foremost, local roofers will often be more experienced in dealing with the climate, materials, and regulations specific to your region. For instance, if you live in an area with extreme temperatures or unpredictable weather conditions such as heavy rains or high winds then it’s important that your roofer is familiar with the specific challenges those environmental elements can present. Additionally, since they likely work in your area regularly they’ll be well-acquainted with local regulations regarding proper installation so that any new project complies.

Also consider the quality of customer service offered by local roofers versus national companies. National companies may not have an office located near you meaning their representative might need to coordinate from much farther away – leading to longer response times and potentially slower progress on projects due to distance/communication barriers.

Thank you to Superior Exteriors for sharing this answer!

Metal roofing provides homeowners with a number of great advantages, from long-term durability to energy savings. Generally speaking, metal roofs can last up to two or three times longer than conventional asphalt roofs. Metal systems have been known in some cases to even survive for as long as 50 years and beyond! On top of that, they’re extremely resistant to high winds, standing up remarkably well against the elements. In addition, this kind of material is extremely fire retardant and very low maintenance—they don’t need coatings as traditional roofing materials do.

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The installation of a new roof can be a complex process. Before beginning the actual installation, it is important to consider the size of the project and the complexity of your roof design. The amount of time necessary for a complete roof installation will vary based on these factors, but here is an overview of what you can expect:

On average, it takes anywhere from one to four days to install a new roof. For small roofs or basic asphalt shingles, the job can often be completed in one day. However, larger roofs that require more extensive work may take between three and four days or longer to completion.

Finding the best roofing company near me can be a difficult task, especially when it comes to ensuring your safety and protecting the value of your home. That’s why it’s important to take some time to research potential candidates before you make any decisions.

First, start by asking around for recommendations from people you trust – like family and friends who have worked with local roofing companies in the past. Ask about their experiences, what they liked and disliked about working with each one, how quickly their projects were completed on time and within budget, etc. Getting first-hand feedback can help narrow down some options that are reliable and trustworthy.

You should also take a few minutes to research online reviews for local companies in your area. Every state has its own set of regulations surrounding licensing requirements, so do a bit of digging into whether or not the potential contractor is certified and insured properly as well as if they possess any other professional credentials that demonstrate competency in their field.

A roof inspection is an important step in maintaining the health and integrity of your home. It can help detect problems early on, saving you a great deal of time and money down the road.

When it comes to deciding when to get your roof inspected, experts recommend having one done at least once every three years or after any major event that could have compromised its structural integrity (such as a severe storm). In addition, if you’re planning to buy or sell a house with an existing roof, it’s essential that you have one done before making any decisions. Finally, if you’ve had recent renovations done on your roof (for example, new shingles), then it’s also recommended that you get an independent third-party inspection from a professional contractor to ensure everything was completed properly and up to code.

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Signs that indicate you need roof repair can vary depending on the type of roofing material you have, but there are some general indications that will help alert homeowners that repairs may be needed.

The most common sign is water damage. If you notice any water stains or damp patches in your ceiling, then this could suggest that there is a tear in the roofing material or compromised sealant around one of your roof fixtures such as a vent pipe, chimney stack, etc., allowing moisture to penetrate through.

Additionally, if you find shingle granules (the small gravel-like particles) in your guttering or downpipe this could indicate wear and tear on the surface layers of your shingle material. This is because new roofing materials contain protective granules embedded within them – so regular deposits should not occur after the installation has been completed unless they naturally shed over time due to weathering factors we cannot control such as UV Ray erosion and wind-bouncing debris against it.

Furthermore, other physical damage caused by hailstorms, ice damming resulting from intense cold periods leading to snow build up and melting, etc., can all cause significant wear and tear both visible from the ground and internally within attic spaces where insulation can become wet leading to further issues overtime if left unattended too long!   As well as physically inspecting for damage yourself (which must be done carefully due to safety concerns relating to heights), it’s important also to assess any pest activity potentially occurring around flashing elements such as squirrel/bird nests which might require relocation prior to beginning repair works – so get professional opinion before taking action!

Yes, there are several laws and regulations you should be aware of when hiring a roofer. Depending on the jurisdiction in which you reside, those rules may vary.

Generally speaking, roofers must have a valid contractor’s license to perform work in certain jurisdictions. The state licensing board can provide details about contractor licensing requirements in your area, as well as information regarding registered contractors by name or by specialty trade (e.g., “roofer”). In many states, it is also necessary for roofing companies to carry liability insurance to protect customers from any mistakes made while performing the work.

Additionally, it’s always recommended that customers hire certified professionals who can provide proof of their qualifications and experience with particular types of roofs and materials; for example, a certified professional may have specific training related to flat roofing systems or other specialized products or establish proof that they have completed complex installation projects using certain materials before being given certification.

Lastly, before selecting a particular contractor for your project make sure they are aware of all applicable building codes in your area such as pitch requirement restrictions or weather-related design components – these codes will typically vary depending upon the region where you live. All reputable contractors should be familiar with both state and local codes related to residential construction so asking them beforehand about their knowledge of relevant code standards is ultimately beneficial for protecting yourself against possible legal liabilities down the line if anything goes wrong due to noncompliance during construction or repair work at any point along the way!  This information was provided by At Your Service Roofing!

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