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Navigating Storm Damage Repair: Tips from a Contractor

Here’s What to Do After Storm Damage, from a Top Storm Repair Contractor

Here in Central Texas, storm damage is just a fact of life for most homeowners. Our region is renowned for powerful thunderstorms that can do a number on your roof and home exterior—so it’s important to know how to react in these situations. As the go-to local storm damage repair contractor, Action Roofing & Construction, Inc. is here to walk you through the process. Here are our top tips for navigating storm damage repair, including recommendations for before, during, and after the storm.

Make Sure You’re Covered for Storm Damage

Homeowners insurance policies can vary a great deal. Typically, the main area where policies will differ from each other is in the amount of coverage provided, but some policies may get specific about what kind of damage to your home qualifies for coverage.

Most homeowners insurance policies will cover storm damage in general, but it’s still a good idea to ensure that the most common storm threats in your area will be included. This includes things like hail damage, wind damage, and even flooding, if you live in an area that may be affected by this. 

Making sure you’re covered will make it easier to hire a storm damage repair contractor in the event that you need one.

Protect Your Property

When storms are predicted in your area, there’s not much you can do to protect your roof against damage. However, that doesn’t mean you’re completely helpless. If it’s safe to go outside, it’s a good idea to give your home a once-over to remove any potential debris. Things like planters and outdoor furniture can become projectiles in high winds, and moving these items indoors can protect your home exterior against damage.

Look for Signs of Damage

After storms have completely passed, it’s a good idea to walk around your property and look for clear signs of damage. While most homeowners aren’t experts in identifying storm damage, some signs will be clear enough that you can spot them yourself.

Signs of storm damage that can be spotted from the ground with the naked eye include:

  • Missing, loose, or dented shingles
  • Damage to siding, gutters, or decks
  • Excessive asphalt granules around your roofline

It’s also a good idea to check weather reports. If hail passed through your area, and was reported to be large enough to cause damage, chances are you’ll need to contact a storm damage repair contractor.

Start the Claims Process Right Away

If you notice any clear signs of roof damage, it’s important to start the process of filing a claim right away. If not, you should likely contact a storm damage repair contractor anyway to fully inspect your property and determine whether your roof or home exterior sustained damage. 

While Texas has a fairly broad window for getting coverage for storm damage, it’s always best to repair your roof sooner rather than later. Leaving damage unaddressed can leave you with major roofing issues in the long term, so starting the process of filing a claim right away will get you on your way to repairing your roof.

Have a Roofer Present During Your Adjustment

Once you’ve filed an insurance claim for roof damage, your insurance company will schedule a time to visit your property and assess the situation. This is called an insurance adjustment, and it’s during this inspection that a representative for your insurance company will determine the extent of damage and your eventual coverage for the repairs.

When you go through the adjustment, it’s always a good idea to have a professional roofing contractor present as well. While insurance adjusters have some experience looking for damage, they don’t have the same skillset as roofers. A roofing professional with expertise in storm damage will be able to guide your insurance adjuster, point out damage, and ensure nothing is missed during your adjustment.

Action Roofing: Your Top Storm Damage Repair Contractor

Here at Action Roofing & Construction, storm damage restoration is our speciality. Our team of skilled roofing contractors has years of experience helping to assess, diagnose, and repair all types of storm damage, including damage to roofing and other portions of your home exterior.

If your home was damaged during a recent storm and you’re looking for an expert contractor who will stand by your side throughout the adjustment and repair process, Action Roofing is ready to take your call! Contact us today.

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