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Your Guide to Disputing a Roof Damage Insurance Claim Denial

Was Your Claim Denied? Here’s How to File for Reinspection

When your roof is in need of repair following major hail damage, an insurance claim payout can be a lifesaver. After all, most folks simply don’t have the money for a residential roof replacement or major repair sitting at the ready—and storms always seem to strike when you least expect it.

Unfortunately, receiving payment for a hail damage insurance claim to finance a roof repair isn’t necessarily guaranteed. Many insurance companies will do everything they can to avoid payouts and deny your claim, and if your claim gets denied it can leave you feeling helpless. 

At Action Roofing & Construction, we fight for our customers—and we’re here to tell you an insurance claim denial may not be the end of the line! There are many common issues that insurance adjusters overlook or simply don’t understand. Scheduling another inspection with a professional roofer present may help better substantiate your claim and avoid a denial. Here’s what you should do if your hail damage roof repair insurance claim has been denied!

Ask Good Questions

If your claim has been denied, get in touch with your insurance provider to ask for more details. During this call, you’ll want to ask about the possibility of a reinspection with a roofing contractor present. Most insurance companies will allow for this if a roofer determines that damage to your roof is more substantive than the adjuster estimated.

There are other effective, pointed questions you may ask as well. For example, ask for details on why they determined your roof doesn’t qualify for a replacement. If your neighbors received roof replacements funded by their insurance carrier, mention this and ask what made your claim different from theirs. Lastly, while this will be a stressful and frustrating time, do your best to complete this conversation as politely as possible. Your insurance carrier will likely be much more accommodating!

Contact a Roofing Professional Immediately

Insurance adjusters aren’t roofers. While they may have some experience spotting hail damage, they simply don’t have all the expertise it takes to understand the extent and cause of damage to a roof. 

A professional roofing contractor will be much more knowledgeable and have a better eye for assessing roof damage. If your claim gets denied, the first step is to get in touch with a roofer to schedule an inspection. Provide them with any information you were able to gather about why your original claim was denied. If the roofer determines that the damage warrants a replacement, file for a reinspection with the contractor present.

What May Have Been Missed?

You may be wondering why your hail damage insurance claim was denied even though your roof was damaged to the point of needing a repair. There are a few common reasons why this may happen.

One of the most common circumstances is for a hail claim to result in a payout covering only gutters, metal vents, and metal flashings that cannot be denied. This is because hail damage to metal roofing components is clear and obvious. Shingle damage is less cut-and-dried, however, and can often be denied if the adjuster determines the damage was not a result of hail. 

Another potential reason is that insurance adjusters are often from out of town and are unfamiliar with local building codes. Most homeowners insurance policies include coverage to bring your roof up to code, but your adjuster may not realize your roof falls short. At Action Roofing, we never leave money on the table for our customers, and this is another avenue we may be able to use to help substantiate a claim for your roof.

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At Action Roofing, We Fight for You!

Too often at Action Roofing, we’re contacted by homeowners who suffered from hail damage but were unjustly denied for their insurance claim. With hail being such a common threat to your roof here in Central Texas, it’s important to make sure you receive the protection you deserve from your insurance provider. 

As part of our storm damage repair and restoration services, we provide thorough hail damage inspections and will assist you in working with your insurance company following a major storm. One of our roofing professionals will coordinate with you to walk the property with your insurance adjuster and ensure no damage is overlooked. We’re more than just a roofer—at Action Roofing, our goal is to be a good neighbor and help our fellow Texas homeowners maintain their homes. 

Was your recent claim denied? Contact us today to learn what we can do to help!

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