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Storm Damage Insurance Repair in Round Rock, TX

Here at Action Roofing, we’re proud of the work we do for homeowners throughout central Texas. Our Project Profile blog series aims to highlight some of our favorite or most important projects we’ve completed at Action Roofing. To us, roofing is much more than a job—it’s about helping homeowners keep their families safe and their home whole. This storm damage insurance repair project we completed in Round Rock, TX helps demonstrate just that!

Background and Client

For this project, our client was a homeowner located in Round Rock, TX, just north of Austin. We were in the area working with some of this homeowner’s neighbors following a major storm that had passed through. We noticed a sign from an out-of-town roofing vendor in their front yard and worried they may be working with one of the many “storm chasers” that had come through this neighborhood. After talking to the client, they decided we were a better fit for the project and we got started right away!

Storm Damage Insurance Repair in Round Rock, TXThe Project: Full-Scope Storm Restoration

The main goal of this project was to repair storm damage covered by an insurance claim the homeowners were filing. This involved more than just roof repairs, as the homeowners required new paint, stucco work, and much more.

Luckily, at Action Roofing we have a wide range of experience in all aspects of home storm restoration. This means we were more than prepared to handle not just the roof repairs, but all the restoration work needed to completely renew their property to pre-storm condition.

The Challenges: Getting a Fair Deal

There were a couple of unexpected challenges we ran into for this project. The main hurdle was making sure our clients got a fair deal on their insurance claim for the storm damage repair.

Many homeowners find it daunting to navigate the process of filing a claim, and this project is a good example of why: their claim had been set at $50,000, but this was far from adequate in covering all the damage done to this property. There were many items missing from the scope of their initial claim, including damage to the home’s stucco, windows, paint, pool deck, and more.

That meant we had an important task to complete in getting our client a better insurance payout before we completed this project!

The Result: A Full Storm Damage Insurance Repair

Our first order of business was to work with our client’s insurance provider to get them a fair payout for their storm damage insurance repair claim. We fully documented all storm damage done to their property and flagged all missing scope items, helping to increase their payout from $50,000 to $156,000. At Action Roofing, we pride ourselves on being customer advocates, and we work hard to make sure their entire property is considered in an insurance claim wherever possible.

With this sorted out, the Action Roofing team got to work! The homeowner’s roof was a standing seam metal system, and we used 24 gauge Berridge Galvalume Snap Lock 1” metal roofing to restore the roof. We also corrected the improper flashing system design that had been used for their old roof, replaced four walls of stucco, and repainted the entire home.

We’re dedicated to full customer satisfaction for every service we offer at Action Roofing. During this project, the homeowner found that the original choice of paint color didn’t seem right for their home and wanted a different shade. Our team was happy to repaint using the perfect shade without any additional charge to our client. The result was a happy client and a home restored to perfect condition!

Action Roofing: Your Storm Damage Insurance Repair Partner

At Action Roofing, we pride ourselves on expert storm damage repair and restoration services, and we’re well-versed in navigating the insurance claims process. As your roofing and restoration partner, we’re here to be your advocate. Our team will help you document damage and file your claim to ensure you get a fair payout from your insurance provider.

Has your home been damaged by severe storms? Action Roofing is standing by to repair storm damage for homeowners throughout Austin and the Central Texas area! Contact us today for help filing your claim or to schedule your free inspection.

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