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Roof Insurance Claim Denied? Get a Second Opinion

If Your Roof Insurance Claim Was Denied, You Have Options!

Having a roof insurance claim be denied or assessed at a lower coverage amount is a difficult experience. Not only is your roof compromised, but now it seems like you’ll need to find a way to pay for it out of pocket—after expecting it to be covered by the insurance you pay for. 

But when your insurance claim is denied, it isn’t the end of the road for getting coverage for your roof. Your insurance company is acting out of their best interests, not yours, and a second opinion can often go a long way toward helping you get the coverage you need.

At Action Roofing & Construction Inc., we encounter clients whose claims have been unfairly denied far more often than we wish. We pride ourselves on being customer advocates, so we make it our mission to help our customers understand all of their options. Here’s why you should get a second opinion if your roof insurance claim has been denied.

Your Provider’s Opinion Isn’t All That Matters

To our readers, if you take just one thing away from our post, make it this: Your insurance provider’s opinion isn’t the only one that matters when it comes to assessing damage on your roof. While your provider will ultimately be the one to determine your coverage, that coverage needs to be assessed and justified in order to honor your policy.

Some homeowners will simply take the quote given to them by their provider and assume this is the end of the line. But while insurance providers will send an adjuster to your property, this need not be the only source of information about damage done to your roof. In fact, since insurance companies are acting in their best interest—and not yours—it’s critical to have your own assessment done to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your provider’s.

Always Schedule Your Own Inspection

When your roof is damaged during a storm, it’s important to start the process of filing a claim immediately. While that means contacting your insurance provider to schedule an inspection and assessment, you should make it a part of your process to also contact a roofing professional immediately.

Roofers are experts when it comes to evaluating storm damage done to your roof. In fact, when you work with a company like Action Roofing that also has construction and general contracting experience, they’ll be able to diagnose damage done to your entire property, not just your roof.

The reason for scheduling this inspection before your walkthrough with an adjuster is so that you gain an independent estimate for the value of damage done to your home. This independent estimate will give you a ballpark figure to compare against the loss quoted to you by your insurance provider. 

Take Note of Significant Differences

It’s possible—and even very likely—that your roofer’s assessment of roof damage will be different from your insurance company’s. This is fairly normal and expected.

However, the time to raise the flag is when your roof insurance claim is quoted far lower or denied outright despite significant damage being documented by your roofing partner. This is an indication that you’ll need to get a full explanation for the denial and appeal the denial by requesting a reinspection with a roofer present. 

Action Roofing: Your Advocate for a Denied Roof Insurance Claim

If your insurance claim for roof damage is denied by your provider, it can leave you feeling alone and powerless. But Action Roofing is here to tell you that all is not lost! At Action Roofing, we fight for our customers every step of the way to ensure they receive fair coverage for storm damage covered by their policy. 

While we can’t guarantee a successful appeal, we have a long history of helping homeowners receive greater coverage following an inspection from one of our roofing experts.* Our team is standing by to walk through your entire property alongside your insurance adjuster to ensure no damage is overlooked. If your roof insurance claim was recently denied, or if you’ve received a quote from your provider that you feel is much lower than expected, get in touch with our experts today! We’ll carefully review the details of your roofing situation and help you take action.

*NOTE: Action Roofing & Construction Inc. and its authorized representatives are NOT acting as Public Insurance Adjusters and will not negotiate with insurance on Customer’s behalf.

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