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What To Do If You Suspect Roof Damage After a Hailstorm

The recent storms in Austin did some significant damage to homes and businesses in the area. If you are among the many local property owners who experienced hail in the area, you’re probably wondering what to do about potential roofing hail damage. Even small hail stones can cause significant damage to your roof. So it’s important to act quickly, following a storm like this, to protect your property and repair the damage before issues worsen. Here are five steps to follow after a hailstorm damages your roof.

1. Inspect and Assess the Damage

Due to the nature of hail and the high rate of speed at which it travels, hail can deal significant damage to roofing, siding, windows, and any other exposed exterior surfaces. Of these, roofing is typically the biggest concern for many property owners. Hail damage can compromise the structural integrity of your roofing system and ultimately lead to leaks that can cause severe water damage inside your home.

As soon as possible after a storm, inspect your roof for any signs of damage. If you see areas that may have sustained damage, you will need to call an expert for a complete, professional inspection.

Look for leaks, missing shingles, dented shingles, broken or cracked tiles, broken or dented gutters, and any other visible signs of damage. If your home has an asphalt roofing system, look for areas where granules are missing, or the underlying surface is exposed. Hail strikes may have removed this granular protection and left your roof exposed to potential deterioration.

2. Document Damage

Next, it is important to document and take photos of potential or suspected damage. Get pictures of the areas of your property with obvious damage. Note that we never advise climbing on your roof; leave this dangerous activity to the experts. Instead, do your best to document damage from a safe vantage point on the ground.
The pictures you take will be useful for your roofing contractor as well as your insurance company. While both will eventually send their own team to document damage, any initial photos you take may be helpful.

3. Get a Professional Opinion

A professional opinion of any possible damage is a must. A qualified roofing professional will be able to determine if there is hail damage, as well as the extent and severity of any damage. Hailstorms can cause significant issues and can often result in water damage and leaks if not repaired.

Though it can be widespread, hail damage is often difficult to identify to the untrained eye. This is why having a qualified roofing repair contractor complete a full inspection is a must. Not only will they be able to provide an idea of any potential damage to your property, but they will be able to provide an initial estimate and work with your insurance company to provide a full written estimate of costs.

Keep in mind, if you do have damage, the longer you wait, the bigger the problem could be if repair is delayed. If you wait until a small leak or damage becomes large, the roof could be damaged beyond repair, and you may need a roof replacement rather than a repair.

4. Contact Your Insurance Company

If your professional roof inspection uncovers significant hail damage, you will need to immediately contact your insurance company.

Once you initiate the claims process, your insurance carrier will send an adjuster to inspect your property and provide estimated costs for repairs. Make sure that proper documentation is gathered during the claims process—this is where your roof hail damage pictures and videos can be valuable resources.

Oftentimes your roofing contractor will want to be present during the adjuster’s inspection to make sure signs of hail damage are not missed. If your roof has been damaged, your insurance company and roofing contractor will work together to estimate the damage and provide a final written estimate of the cost of repairs.

5. Carry Out Hail Roof Repair

After you have filed and received approval for your claim, and have communicated with a roofing company that you trust, getting the repairs is the final step to this process. Your roofing contractor will guide you through the entire scope of the repairs in detail and help you choose the right materials for the job. Depending on the extent of the damage, the work may require a few simple repairs or a complete roof replacement.

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