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Licensed Roofers Near Me

Your roof provides the first barrier between your home and the outside elements. A damaged or missing shingle can cause leaks, mold, and other damage to the interior of your home. Read on to learn more.

Get Referrals

If you know any licensed roofers, ask them to give you a referral. This way you can be sure that you’re working with a contractor who has been vetted by their peers and will provide you with a great experience.

Many States require roofing contractors to pass an exam, provide proof of insurance, and in some instances obtain a state license to operate as a contractor. You can also check the licensing requirements on your local government website. Most of these websites will let you type a business name or roofer’s license number into a search field to verify their licensing status.

Many cities and counties have their own licensing requirements. Check the City Building Inspector’s office or the Department of Business and Professional Regulation at your municipality’s website to find out more. Often times these requirements are more stringent than the State level.

Check Reviews

While shady roofers can be good at ripping off homeowners, many local roofing contractors are honest and trustworthy. You can tell a local roofer is legitimate by the fact they provide well-written, thorough estimates. It’s also a good sign if they can produce an estimate on the spot when they visit your home, rather than email or call afterward.

Another way to determine a local roofer’s credibility is their insurance coverage. Specifically, you want to make sure they have Workman’s Compensation. This will protect you as the homeowner from being held responsible if someone is hurt while working on your roof.

For this reason, if a roofer doesn’t have adequate insurance coverage, it’s probably best to look elsewhere. Checking insurance coverage is easy by using a search tool like Thumbtack. The tool will show you only professionals with appropriate insurance for your project. It’s as simple as adjusting your zip code, selecting the type of service you need (repairs or installation), and answering questions when prompted.

Get Bids

Depending on the area, roofer licensing requirements may vary. Checking local government websites for licensing requirements is a great start to finding expert roofing contractors in your community.

Less experienced roofers often submit the lowest bids to win work. However, accepting a less expensive quote could result in a poor job that will require additional repairs.

A well-maintained roof can add value to a home. New shingles can upgrade a roof and increase its longevity, making it more attractive to potential home buyers. The right shingle style can also boost a home’s curb appeal. A roofer with extensive experience can help homeowners choose the right shingle styles for their homes.

Get Insurance

Roofing is a dangerous job that can cause serious injury to workers and property damage. Roofers must have insurance to prove that they are a legitimate company and will take their work seriously. They should have general liability and workman’s compensation insurance. Usually, commercial property coverage includes a tools and equipment floater that protects the contractor’s specialized roofing tools and machinery.

Homeowners should always ask for a written estimate from any roofer they are considering. Anyone that refuses to provide this is a red flag. They may be a middleman roofing company that is sending out commission salespeople disguised as roof technicians to trick homeowners into letting them handle their insurance claim and rip off the homeowner.

Lastly, all licensed roofers should have surety bonds. These are similar to an escrow service that provides a financial guarantee that the roofer will complete all work required. This type of insurance is often required for contractors to obtain a permit or to work on government-owned properties. Next blog post.

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