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Your Insurance Roof Replacement Questions Answered

Here’s What to Know About Insurance Roof Replacements

So your home has been damaged during a storm, and now you’re faced with the task of filing an insurance claim. For many homeowners, this is a daunting task filled with pitfalls and long phone calls. It’s very likely that you have many insurance roof replacement questions as a result.

At Action Roofing & Construction, we’re seasoned experts when it comes to completing insurance roof replacement projects to restore homes after storm damage. Our expertise means we have the answers to many of the most common questions about insurance damage roof replacements—so we’re sharing answers in today’s post! Let’s get started.

Will My Rates Increase If I File a Roof Insurance Claim?

Your rates won’t go up simply for filing an insurance claim. While auto insurance typically works this way, the same is not true of homeowners insurance. Rates are determined more regionally according to risk assessment for your area, and not for your individual home. So while your rates may go up following a major storm (and resulting roof replacement), it won’t be because you filed a claim.

What Do Insurance Adjusters Look for on Roofs?

When you file a claim, the insurance company will send an adjuster to your property to assess the damage done to your roof. The adjuster’s job is to determine what roof damage exists, what caused the damage, whether the damage is covered by your policy, and the loss sustained compared to the value of your home’s roof. In other words, you file a claim for storm damage, and the insurance adjuster determines what you should (or shouldn’t) receive as a result.

Should a Roofer Be Present During the Claims Adjuster Visit?

Since insurance adjusters aren’t roofing experts, it’s a good idea to have a roofer present when your adjuster visits your property. An expert roofer can help streamline the adjustment process by pointing out damage to your roof and ensuring nothing is overlooked. They’ll also be able to answer any roofing questions and can help to substantiate your insurance claim for a roof replacement or repair.

My Claim Was Denied. Can I Appeal?

Absolutely! If you feel your claim is denied or was lowballed as described above, you can get a second opinion and file for readjustment. Here at Action Roofing, we’re committed to helping our customers get the coverage they’re owed, and we can help further substantiate your insurance claim in the event that you were initially denied coverage.*

Is It Common To Be Denied for an Insurance Claim?

While wholesale denials are relatively rare, it isn’t uncommon to see insurance companies assess damage at far too low a value compared to the damage sustained. When this happens, it’s typically the case that the insurance company has approved payment for the cost to replace soft metals (such as vents, gutters, and flashing) but not for the roof itself. While policies vary, homeowners insurance is generally expected to cover typical storm damage and resulting roof replacements, but we see denials and low adjustments all too often.

What Is the Insurance Payment Process?

Typically, the roof insurance payment process will include multiple installments. Once your claim is accepted, you should receive an initial payment to help cover any emergency repairs and upfront costs. Following completion of work on your home, the insurance company will then disburse the remainder of your payment to cover roofing work. The exact value you can expect will depend on the type of policy you have (i.e. ACV vs. RCV) and the size of your deductible.

Action Roofing: Your Insurance Roof Replacement Experts!

We pride ourselves on our commitment to fighting for our customers here at Action Roofing. As experts in all things storm restoration and repair, we’re well-versed in navigating the insurance claims process from start to finish. We can help provide evidence to substantiate your claim and send a representative to walk through your entire property with your insurance adjuster. 

If your home has been damaged during a storm, start filing your insurance claim—and contact Action Roofing right away for an inspection!

*Action Roofing & Construction, Inc. and its authorized representatives are NOT acting as Public Insurance Adjusters and will not negotiate with insurance on Customer’s behalf

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