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Your commercial roofing system is the first line of defense for your property against rain, extreme temperatures, and more. If your commercial roof is compromised or nearing the end of its life, it can put your business at risk. Have you noticed leaks or rising energy bills for your commercial property? Get in touch with the premier commercial roofing company to schedule a roof replacement: Action Roofing & Construction Inc.!

Our commercial roofing experts are skilled at providing the best roofing solutions to suit the unique needs of your business and commercial property. We have expertise in a wide range of commercial roofing materials, and our core values of performance, precision and pride guide each and every roof replacement we complete.

Does My Commercial Roof Need to Be Replaced?

Not every commercial roofing issue requires a complete replacement to address. As your trusted commercial roofing company, Action Roofing will evaluate your roof and provide an honest recommendation on the best course of action for your roof. That said, some problems and situations are more likely to require a roof replacement, including the following:

Severe Roof Damage​

Minor problems can typically be addressed through a timely roof repair, but when damage is more pronounced or widespread, a roof replacement is often necessary. This is because as the damage to your roof becomes more severe, the more expensive it is to repair. At a certain point, a roof replacement becomes a more cost-effective option.

Roof Near the End of Its Life

As roofs age, they become more difficult to repair effectively. This is because an aging roof tends to have issues that run deeper than the surface of the roof. A repair may work as a stopgap, but a roof that is nearing the end of its lifespan will start to present more significant and frequent problems with each passing year.

It’s Time for an Upgrade

Roofing has come a long way over the years, and savvy property owners are taking notice. Many business owners are upgrading their roof for improved durability or greater energy efficiency, among myriad other benefits. If you’re looking to upgrade your commercial property, a roof replacement is a great place to start.

A Good Long-Term Investment

As an experienced commercial roofing company, we’ve seen firsthand how effective roof repairs can be in prolonging the life of a commercial roof. However, we’ve also seen how much a new commercial roof can do for a business’s bottom line when properly designed and built to suit that property’s needs.

Depending on the type of materials used, a new commercial roof can last for 20-30 years—or more than 50 years, in the case of metal roofing. When designed with energy efficiency in mind, that’s decades of energy savings compared to an older or poorly designed roof. In many ways, a brand-new roof can often pay for itself over the course of its expected lifespan.

Action Roofing: Your Top Commercial Roofing Company

You have many options to choose from when it comes to finding a commercial roofing company in Austin. So why choose Action Roofing? We’re glad you asked!

Action Roofing is committed to performance, precision and pride throughout each and every project we completed. That means when you hire us for your commercial roof replacement, we build your roof to the highest standards possible, refuse to cut corners, and provide the level of customer service we’d give our own families. 

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Brett E.
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I highly recommend. Local to boot! Jacob and The Action Roofing team did an outstanding job on our hail claim this past spring. Jacob came out to assess the damage, met with our adjuster to review not only our roof but the fence, shutters, and window screens. The communication along the way was excellent as Jacob kept me in the loop on all of the scheduled activities. In addition, since this was our first home claim, Jake coordinated conference calls to speak with our adjuster and our mortgage company and I to iron out all of the specifics, payments, who, what, when, where, etc. Jacob and the team took care of everything seamlessly. Very professional group to work with! I highly recommend. Local to boot!
Ann B.
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Worked quickly, were professional and provided a finished job that exceeded our expectations. Action Roofing was an absolute pleasure to work with. We had roof and gutter damage with the spring hail storm, and found their initial quote and follow up to be far superior than the other companies we contacted so choosing them to do our repairs was an easy choice- and after the work has been completed we are very happy with our decision! Jake is very professional and responsive and worked diligently with our insurance company to ensure all our damage was covered. His crew showed up to do repairs when they said they would, worked quickly, were professional and provided a finished job that exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend Action Roofing and would use them again in a heartbeat!
Nicole D.
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I honestly could not have asked for better service or a better outcome. USAA sent an inspector to my house, at my request, to take a look at damage to my roof. The inspector completed his report and the determination was no damage. I was shocked by this assessment, but let it go assuming they knew what they were doing. Jake stopped by one day and mentioned that my roof looked like it had some damage and asked for permission to take a look. I agreed, but told him that USAA had already come out and made their determination. Sure enough, Jake came down from the roof with dozens of pics of damage and we refiled the claim. Not only did I get a new roof, but we were able to get the pergola, gutters and AC replaced due to major hail damage. Jake is genuine, and his crew was incredibly efficient, professional, thorough and expedient. The work was done really well. I honestly could not have asked for better service or a better outcome. Seriously, give Action Roofing a call.
Nicole C.
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Another successful job completed by Action Roofing! “I noticed a wet spot in the ceiling of my daughters bathroom a few months ago. I Contacted Action Roofing and spoke with Jake. He came out right away and they were able to detect where the leak was coming from. To my surprise they came back later that day and made the repair. Both Jake and his crew were very professional, timely and provided quality work. I recently had a clogged gutter- Jake came out and after reviewing our current situation, he suggested we increase the size of the gutter due to the amount of rain that comes off the top roof and suggested leaf screens to help minimize the amount of debris collecting in my gutters. I couldn't be happier with their services. Another successful job completed by Action Roofing! I'm happy to refer them to friends and family knowing they will be in good hands!”
Jen D.
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A big thank you to Action Roofing for taking care of our home! Jake and the Action Roofing team did a fantastic job! Jake was great in assessing the hail damage not only to our roof but also to our entire backyard. He was on site to meet with our insurance adjuster, communicated and submitted forms to our insurance carrier, and the entire team was very professional from start to finish. Communication was top notch. We highly recommend Action Roofing! A big thank you to Action Roofing for taking care of our home!
Tom D.
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When I do need a new roof, there is no one else I'd consider than Action Roofing! Integrity!! I had a free inspection, and was told that while many homes in my area had received hail damage, my house had minimal, and did NOT require replacement! During the inspection, Greg found a couple of loose shingles from the wind, and he re-sealed them with no charge. When I do need a new roof, there is no one else I'd consider than Action Roofing!

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