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Balcones District Park

Austin is a pretty city with lots of green places to play. You can practice your disc golf skills at hilly courses, soak in cold springs, or hike above ground and underground trails.

Balcones District Park along Amherst Drive has everything a family-oriented neighborhood park should. There are basketball and volleyball courts, a pool, a kids’ play area, and lots of wide open space for pupper walks. A great post ahead.

Landscape Photography

Balcones District Park offers a beautiful setting for landscape photography. It’s lush greenery and scenic trails provide stunning backdrops for portraits of individuals or groups. It is also an ideal location for nature photographers who want to capture the beauty of the Texas countryside.

The park’s bluebonnets make it a popular destination for spring pictures. There is a field on the corner of Duval and Amherst that’s always full of blooms. But you don’t need a large field to take pretty pictures – a small patch of flowers and some cool background, like a steeple or a nice building, will work just fine.

The park’s trails offer a variety of hiking options. The Creekside Trail starts in the parking lot, heads south towards Duval, and then veers north along Walnut Creek to the finished part of the trail next to Mopac.

Macro Photography

Balcones District Park is a gorgeous place to bring a camera and capture breathtaking landscape shots. It’s also an excellent spot for macro photography, which is the art of capturing small objects in incredible detail. You can use a macro lens to photograph the details of beautiful flowers, insects, and other small animals that live in the park. This makes the park a wonderful place to go on a nature photo adventure with your family or a group of friends. Please note that the park has certain rules, including no smoking, amplified sound, and no metal detecting. This is to protect the environment and keep the area clean. Here is another spot to visit.

Bird Watching

Austin is world-famous for birding, and Balcones District Park is a great place to start. The area’s unique geology creates diverse ecosystems that support Hill Country birds as well as woodland and prairie species.

The park features hiking trails, a neighborhood pool, sports facilities, picnic areas, and more. Its vast open space is home to a creek, pond, wildflower meadow, farmstead structures, and restored high-grass prairie and woodland habitats.

It’s easy to spot Golden-cheeked Warblers and Black-capped Vireo here during migration. You can also enjoy the park year-round for local species like Woodhouse’s Scrub-Jay, Canyon Wren, and Painted Bunting. In winter, you can have a good chance of seeing LeConte’s Sparrow here. Arrive at sunrise for the best chances of success. Be careful to avoid disturbing the birds by playing recordings – this is illegal.


Balcones District Park is a favorite spot for outdoor recreational activities in Austin. It features hiking trails, playgrounds, sports fields, and picnic areas, as well as a public pool. It is a great place to bring the entire family for a day of fun and relaxation.

The area also has notable natural resources like Barton Springs Pool and the Lower Colorado River System, as well as lookout points such as Mount Bonnell. It is also home to historic sites such as Camp Mabry, which houses a museum that tells the story of America’s military forces.

Although the neighborhood is relatively small and many residents rent their properties, Balcones Woods has a strong sense of community. Its residents belong to an active homeowners association and host a Fourth of July parade, Easter egg hunt, and Christmas party.

Family Fun

Taking the kids on an adventure around Austin is one of the best ways to spend your time in Austin. The Waterloo Greenway is a new and BEAUTIFUL public park that offers many activities for the whole family, including walking & biking trails, playscapes, and a flowing creek.

Another outdoor activity is going to see the bats at Congress Avenue Bridge at sunset. This is a fun and educational experience for the whole family that is free!

You can also take the kids to Homeslice for some delicious, New York-style pizza. There are two locations, in SoCo and North Austin. They are very kid-friendly and one of the most popular family restaurants in Austin. Next article.


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