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Austin Aquarium

The Austin Aquarium is a must-visit destination for animal lovers. Kids can get up close to lemurs and kangaroos, and the entire family will enjoy the aquarium’s interactive exhibits and educational workshops. This is a fantastic article to read.

Visitors can feed stingrays, and watch sharks and other marine life swim in their habitats. The aquarium also hosts events and birthday parties and offers educational programs for children.

Free to enter

Austin Aquarium Austin TX is free to enter and is home to thousands of oceanic species. Guests can feed sharks and rays, admire the otherworldly beauty of jellyfish floating in tanks, and even interact with exotic birds and reptiles in the rainforest habitat. The aquarium also offers several educational programs and events. Popular activities include feeding the animals, Birthday Parties, Private Events, and Sleeping with the Sharks.

PETA’s investigation of the aquarium revealed a laundry list of animal welfare violations and safety concerns. Staff members have reported being bitten by animals, and one ring-tailed lemur was left with a deep gash after biting a girl’s hand during an encounter. The aquarium flouts state reporting requirements for animal bites and deprives injured animals of veterinary care, reportedly to save money.

Interactive exhibits

The Austin Aquarium features a diverse collection of marine life exhibits. It also offers a range of educational programs and special events throughout the year. It is a great place to take the kids for a day of fun and learning.

The aquarium has several interactive exhibits, including a lorikeet aviary and a touch tank where visitors can touch the silky skin of stingrays and other marine life. It is also a popular location for birthday parties and school field trips.

The aquarium has been under scrutiny since a woman was attacked by a lemur on Thursday. The incident happened at the aquarium’s Rainforest Exhibit, which allows visitors to interact with animals. The animal then bit the visitor’s shoulder and caused her to bleed. Learn more about Leander here.

Educational programs

If you want to take your children on a unique adventure, the Austin Aquarium is an excellent choice. This interactive aquarium is home to marine life, including stingrays and sharks. It also offers educational programs and field trips.

Unlike other aquariums, which only let visitors view the animals, Austin Aquarium allows them to touch and feed the animals. Guests can interact with exotic creatures, such as lemurs and kangaroos, or pet a caiman lizard. Guests can also purchase tokens to feed the fish, birds, and other creatures.

These activities can teach children the importance of protecting marine life and ecosystems. The City of Austin is considering a ban on interactions between humans and wild animals at for-profit businesses that are not accredited by the AZA.


The Austin Aquarium is an interactive aquarium where visitors can view and interact with a variety of marine animals. Guests can feed stingrays, sharks, iguanas, tortoises, and lorikeets, and pet a caiman lizard. They can also buy tokens at the front desk to purchase fish, bird, and animal food. The tokens can be exchanged for cash at the gift shop, and can also be used to buy concessions or toys.

This for-profit aquarium is not accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums but is regulated by the USDA. Its owner, Crysty Covino, is the wife of convicted wildlife trafficker Ammon Covino. The aquarium is open to the public and offers educational workshops, birthday parties, and field trips. The facility is large and can accommodate up to 590 guests.

Convenient location

The Austin Aquarium is a family-friendly aquarium located in a strip mall. Visitors can watch jellyfish float and glow, touch soft stingrays in an indoor lagoon pool, and learn about ocean animals through hands-on educational activities. The facility also hosts birthday parties and private events. Kids can also take part in Morning Rounds, a program that lets them feed the animals!

Despite its many attractions, the aquarium has received criticism from animal rights activists. PETA sent one of its investigators to work at the aquarium and documented a laundry list of violations. In 2019, a lemur bit a child, leading to a lawsuit from the parents.

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